Engineering Insurance

Engineering Insurance

Engineering insurance can describe any of several types of insurance policies. The term “engineering insurance“ can describe any type of insurance policy related to the erection of buildings and construction projects, including the building and operation of machinery. Construction projects and engineering often involve the use of heavy machinery and equipment that can pose a threat to the health of workers; insurance can protect engineering businesses from having to pay for such injuries if they occur.


The principle is that contractors’ all risks insurance covers those losses not covered by an ‘excluded peril’. For example some contracts exclude from cover risks such as defects due to ‘wear and tear, obsolescence, deterioration, rust and mildew, loss and damage arising out of war and for faulty workmanship and faulty design’. The benefit to the insured under this type of policy is that the burden is shifted to the insurer who, to resist the claim, is required to show that the cause of the loss falls within an exclusion.


To protect against unexpected breakdown or loss of equipment as well as the option to cover the financial implications to your business.


In this modern age all businesses rely on computer and electronic equipment. Should this be lost or damaged the consequences can have a huge impact and disrupt day to day operations..

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