Company overview

Phoenix Assurance Group is one of the dynamic financial power house operating short term insurance companies in Africa. The Group is also involved in Microfinance in select countries.

Phoenix Assurance Group’s origins can be traced back to 1912 when the first Phoenix Assurance operations started in Kenya. It was on 10 October 1912 that the first insurance policy was issued by the Company.

The operations were later bought out by Transworld Investments Limited in 1992.

We will be..

  1. Easy to do business with
  2. Adhering to professional standards


To be the most preferred insurer among all insurers in Eswatini.


We commit to an organization that shares the following principles:

  1. Understanding our clients business and striving to exceed their needs
  2. Creating a rewarding and enriching environment for our staff
  3. Providing innovative solutions for business growth
  4. Expanding our leadership role in the industry
  5. Approaching our business with enthusiasm and sense of commitment


To enhance customer confidence and loyalty by offering reliable insurance protection at affordable cost through efficient services.